Education regarding the business management of a dental practice includes auxiliary utilization, scheduling, production strategies, employee motivation and rewards, any management tools for the improvement of running a dental practice. Specific subject codes should be used to ensure tracking toward specific licensing board requirements. 

Topics may include:

  • 555 Ethics in Dentistry
    Ethics in the practice of dentistry.
  • 563 California Dental Practice Act
  • 564 NY Ethics and Jurisprudence
  • 565 Documentation and Risk Management
    Topics include the best practices of patient documentation and the management of risk in documentation.  Often a required course for boards of dentistry.
  • 566 HIPAA
    Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act – education regarding the implementation of this law and the dental practice
  • 567 Electronic Health Record and Policies
    Education regarding the legal issues around Electronic Health Records and the policies that govern it.
  • Human relations/employment management
    Education regarding the management of employees in the dental practice, hiring, reviewing, firing, incentivizing.  Employment laws pertaining to dental practices.
  • Financial management
    Education concerning the financial management of a dental practice or a dentist’s wealth building personally and professionally.  Includes risk management such as insurances to have to reduce risk.
  • Insurance management/coding
    Education in the insurance industry and its utilization in the dental practice.  Best practices with coding and billing of dental procedures to insurance or third-party payers.  Analysis of insurance plans and their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Information technology, record safekeeping and transfer and risk management
    Education in regulations around the safekeeping, safe storage and safe transfer of records to maintain privacy of individual health records.
  • Marketing in dentistry – electronic and non-electronic
    Education in the best practices of the marketing of a dental practice utilizing any media outlet.  Print, radio, TV, online, social media, website etc.
  • Jurisprudence
    Education in the laws governing dentistry
  • Diversity inclusion/Cultural competence
    Education about a set of congruent behaviors, attitudes, and policies that come together in a system, agency or among professionals and enable that system, agency or those professions to work effectively in cross-cultural situations.
  • Emerging concepts, techniques, and technology
  • Product/technology training
    Training on proper use of specific products/instruments developed to aid in managing practices and human resources. Product training courses should be directed to current users or a product and focus on proper/safe use.  Courses cannot contain any marketing information intended to encourage participants to purchase the product.