Subjects or topics related to the etiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases of the dental pulp and their sequelae. Some keywords used in course title or descriptions: Pulp canal therapy, Root canal, Periapical tissue, Dentin, Root, 

Topics may include:

  • Endodontic pathophysiology
    The physiology of the diseased state
  • Endodontic diagnosis
    The study of diagnosing endodontic conditions – reversible pulpitis, irreversible pulpitis, necrotic pulpitis, apical pathology.  Strategies to come to an accurate diagnosis.
  • Endodontic infections, microbiology and treatment
  • The study of microbiology of endodontic infections and how to treat them most effectively.
  • Non-surgical treatment
    The retrograde treatment of an endodontically effected pulp.  Instrumentation, disinfection, filling or obturation of pulp canals.
  • Surgical treatment
    Surgical treatment of endodontic infections
  • Traumatic injuries & emergencies
    The diagnosis and treatment of traumatic dental injuries and how to best treat.  i.e.: injury, internal and external resorption.
  • Restorative aspects of endodontics
    Best practices for restoring endodontically treated teeth
  • Emerging concepts, techniques, therapies and technology
    New technology/procedures used in any aspect (diagnosis or treatment) of endodontic diagnosis and treatment.
  • Product/technology training
    Training on proper use of specific products/instruments developed to aid in the diagnosis or treatment of endodontic infections. Product training courses should be directed to current users or a product and focus on proper/safe use.  Courses cannot contain any marketing information intended to encourage participants to purchase the product.