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> Letter of attendance verification or other provider verification form (this document will be accessible from your AGD transcript once your CE is posted).

If you have questions regarding the online form, download the CE Submission Guide for step-by-step directions or check out this quick reference tool. Requests for CE credit for teaching, publications and post-graduate residency programs (AEGD or GPR) must be submitted to the AGD Education Department via fax at 312.335.3428 or email at education@agd.org.

Effective Aug. 31 2019, you must submit all CE online. Fax, email or mailed submissions will no longer be accepted.

CE Submission Guidelines

Submit an attendance verification form (often referred to as a certificate of completion) from the CE provider. The form(s) you submit must include the following information to receive credit:

  • AGD membership ID number: Always include your six-digit AGD membership number.    
  • Name and address: Be sure your name is legible on all CE course verification forms.
  • CE program provider name and/or AGD provider ID number: This information must be included to accurately receive credit toward the FAGD and MAGD awards or LLSR. Submit the complete name of the organization providing the course. Do not use abbreviations. Include the six-digit provider ID number, if available.  
  • Course date: The month, day and year the course was given must be included on the course verification form. If the course was more than one day, give both the beginning and ending dates of the course.  
  • Subject code: AGD subject codes correspond to various topics in dentistry. Effective January 2017, the AGD introduced a list of streamlined subject codes so course topics can be categorized into the nine recognized dental specialties and core subject areas pertinent to dental education.  CE providers should identify the subject code that best represents the dental specialty or general topic of the content taught.  An expanded list of topics associated with each subject code is available on the AGD web site. 
  • Title of course and instructor name: Include the title of the course and full name of the instructor.
  • Hours: The actual number of clock hours spent in the course. Do not include time for lunch or registration. Indicate if the course is lecture, participation or self-instruction. 
  • Lecture courses: Live webinars and classroom instruction will be counted as lecture hours.
  • Participation courses: The course must have a hands-on component that equals at least 30 percent of the course content.
  • Self-instructional courses: Pre-recorded webinars, videos or featured exercises in peer-reviewed scientific dental journals are considered self-instruction.
  • Course location: For an in-person course, include the city and state where the course took place.

Submit the following documentation to education@agd.org for approved FAGD/MAGD/LLSR credit for the following special activities:

  • Faculty positions: Letter from CODA/CDA-accredited institution confirming dates and location of full- or part-time faculty position on the institution's letterhead. Should also indicate topics taught.
  • Presentations/teaching/lecturing for PACE- or CERP-approved organizations: Letter on CE organization’s letterhead confirming date, time, location, topic and length of course taught. CE organization should include its AGD provider ID number and whether or not this was the first time a lecture was presented. Include copies of program brochure, flier or listing when possible.
  • Completion of CODA/CDA-accredited GPR/AEGD programs: Submit a copy of the completion certificate.
  • Publications: Submit a copy of the full scientific article or copy of title page and table of contents from published textbooks.
  • Military rotations: Copies of orders assigning one to a dental specialty rotation.

Credit for special activities will be awarded in accordance with current published guidelines. Contact education@agd.org for more information regarding FAGD/MAGD credit for special activities. For general questions, contact AGD at 888.243.3368 or membership@agd.org.

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Effective Aug. 31 2019, fax, email or mailed submissions will no longer be accepted.
Submit Your CE Online


Do you have questions about submitting your CE? 

For general questions about CE, contact the Membership Services team at 888.243.3368, or email membership@agd.org

For questions related to FAGD/MAGD/LLSR credit for special activities, reach out to our Education team at education@agd.org