Education related to periodontal structures, inflammatory disease states and processes and its management both surgically and non-surgically. It also includes the management of mucogingival tissues and the maintenance and repair if diseased or missing. Occlusal force management as it relates to periodontal health.  Includes all aspects of the maintenance of the periodontally diseased tooth and its determination for removal due to periodontal disease or support structure loss and how most appropriately it could be replaced. Surgical placement and maintenance of implants, bone and their soft tissue interface.

Topics may include:

  • Pathophysiology of periodontal disease
    Education regarding periodontal disease and its etiology and effect on the periodontal structures
  • Non-surgical therapeutic management of periodontal disease
    Education related to the identification and management of periodontal disease using non-surgical methods. This could include scaling and root planning, laser therapy, use of antibiotics and other medicaments etc.
  • Surgical therapeutic management of periodontal disease
    Education related to the identification of and management of periodontal disease using surgical methods.  This could include the use of scalpels, lasers and other methods used to reflect the gingival tissues to clean and modify them so that healing and maintenance of the diseased tooth is improved.
  • Mucogingival management
    Education related to the identification, management and restoration of mucogingival tissues to improve the overall health of a tooth or implant.
  • Occlusal force management
    Education related to occlusal forces to enhance and improve the periodontal health of the patient.
  • Bone regeneration therapy
    Education related to the regeneration of bone around teeth, alveolus and implants to strive for health periodontium around teeth and implants.
  • Implant placement and management of peri-implant infections and complications
    Education related to the surgical placement and maintenance of implants.
  • Emerging concepts, techniques, therapies and technology
    New technology/procedures used in any aspect (diagnosis or treatment) of periodontal issues.
  • Product/technology training
    Training on proper use of specific products/instruments developed to aid in the diagnosis or treatment of periodontal disease. Product training courses should be directed to current users or a product and focus on proper/safe use.  Courses cannot contain any marketing information intended to encourage participants to purchase the product.