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AGD’s Program Approval for Continuing Education (PACE) promotes constant improvements in continuing education and makes finding CE easy.

The PACE program is based on 13 rigorous standards for identifying high-quality educational organizations. Once recognized as a PACE-approved provider, organizations use those same 13 standards to plan, oversee and evaluate their CE courses. We individually approve only the organizations that meet the PACE standards.

Eligibility Requirements

The AGD PACE Program approves continuing dental education (CDE) organizations, not speakers or individual course content. Eligible organizations must: 

  • Offer a planned program of continuing dental education activities.
  • Have a permanent base in the United States, Canada or their territories, or be an officially recognized agency or unit within the national dental services of the United States or Canada. CDE providers that do not fit within this criterion must meet the additional international eligibility requirements provided in the Eligibility Requirements for International Continuing Dental Education Providers section before being considered eligible to apply for recognition.
  • Ensure that all courses offered for continuing education credit have a sound scientific basis in order to adequately protect the public. 
  • Demonstrate oversight by a planning committee who ensures that the educational methods are appropriate to the stated objectives for the activity and, when participation is involved, enrollment must be related to available resources to ensure effective participation by enrollees. 
  • Ensure that the facilities selected for each activity are appropriate to accomplishing the educational method(s) being used and the stated educational objectives.
  • Assumes the financial and administrative responsibility of planning, publicizing and offering the CDE programs.

Ensures that, upon completion of a course intended toward attainment of certification or other recognition through the CDE provider, participating dentists will not be obligated, as a condition for attaining or maintaining that certification or recognition, to utilize a volume of any products and/or services.

Eligibility Requirements for International Continuing Dental Education Providers

An International CDE Provider interested in obtaining AGD PACE Approval must:

  • Demonstrate that it is a dental school, continuing education program within a dental school, a national governmental health authority or a national membership association or society for dental professionals.
  • Be recognized and/or accredited by the appropriate governmental or private regulatory authority that regulates organizations to ensure that they meet the applicable standards for quality advance dental education, as determined in the sole discretion of the AGD.
  • Meet the same PACE Eligibility Requirements and Standards and Criteria as providers in the United State and Canada.
  • All application materials and documentation submitted by International CDE Providers must be translated and presented to the AGD in English.


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