Attention AGD PACE Approved Providers:

In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) would like to share the following information with you regarding offering webinars or other electronically mediated continuing dental education activities:

Organizations with NATIONAL PACE Approval are eligible to offer electronically mediated events.  If you have not offered electronically-mediated events in the past, we ask that you review PACE Standard XII: Self-Instruction and Electronically Mediated Programs.

For a limited time, organizations with LOCAL PACE Approval have permission to offer electronically mediated events, such as webinars, to local participants. Organizations with local approval are expected to limit attendees of electronically mediated events to dental professionals within their own state or province.  Locally approve providers have permission to offer these types of programs through June 30, 2020.

Keep in mind the AGD does not have a recommended platform to offer electronically mediated events.  It is the responsibility of the provider to identify the platform that best fits their needs.

When offering electronically mediated events providers must:

  • Provide specific hardware and software requirements to attendees in advance of the event.
  • Ensure technical assistance is available to participants throughout the duration of the course.
  • Embedded advertising or direct commercial links cannot be included within the educational content
  • There must be a process to verify attendance of each attendee throughout the program.  To accomplish this it is recommend that providers use polling or chat tools throughout the program to better ensure all attendees are engaged.
  • There must be a process where attendees can interact with instructors directly during the program.  Examples, allowing attendees to ask verbal questions, or type questions direct to the instructor or facilitator so questions can be read aloud.

Approved providers are not required to report these types of programs to the AGD in advance, but the courses should be identified in their annual reports or applications when re-applying.

If providers have any questions they can contact the AGD at

Applying for Local PACE Approval

To apply to become an AGD PACE-approved CE provider, complete the PACE Application for Local Approval and review the PACE Program Guidelines, which contain AGD’s 13 standards and criteria for approval. Applications are reviewed based on these standards.

You should apply for local PACE approval if your organization:

  • Offers courses in only one state or province
  • Draws a significant portion of participants from only one state or province 
  • Does not offer self-instruction programs 
  • Does not offer protocol (on-site/in-office) participation courses

Samples of documentation that should be submitted with your application are available for download. This documentation proves that your organization meets the published criteria. If you cannot document these processes, you can modify the examples provided to fit your program. 

The local approval representative from the state or province in which you offer CE must review the completed application. (For New York sponsors: Three copies of the completed application and attachments must be mailed to New York State AGD.) Approval by a local AGD constituent is for courses held in that particular state only. AGD also approves program providers that offer CE in more than one state or province. 

Contact AGD at or 888.243.3368, ext. 4114 for more information.