AGD Policy on Dental Benefits for the Medicare Population

The AGD’s policy on dental benefits for the Medicare population is as follows:

The Medicare program was established to provide medical benefits to the elderly U.S. population. Signed into law in 1965, the Medicare program has been amended numerous times since its inception. Some public health advocates and consumer groups seek to have dental benefits added into the Medicare Part B program. The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) does not support this approach, as its research indicates this is not a viable solution. Rather, the AGD supports market-based private insurance solutions for dental benefits intended for the Medicare population.

The AGD’s positions on dental benefits for the Medicare population are:

  1. General dentists are committed to delivering quality dental care to patients of all ages and to advocating for optimal oral health. 
  2. The AGD believes that the Medicare program cannot sustain the inclusion of dental benefits. 
  3. The AGD supports enhanced benefits and reimbursement in private sector initiatives for dental benefits. 
  4. The AGD believes that it is the responsibility of every person to exercise good oral health habits that will provide them with a foundation for optimal oral and systemic health throughout their lifetime, and that resources directed toward increasing oral health literacy will support this effort.

AGD Background on Dental Benefits for the Medicare Population

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