Key Issues Relevant to the General Dentist

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AGD is working with legislators to eliminate insurance issues such as fee capping, unfair pricing and regulations that limit consumers’ ability to use their benefits. Read more about fee capping and the McCarran-Ferguson Act. 


Follow this link to learn about the updates to the proposed Medicare rule and access the frequently asked questions of the current rule.

Midlevel Providers

Access information on midlevel providers as well as AGD's whitepapers on the topic.


Opioid abuse is an ongoing epidemic in America. As general dentists continue to prescribe opioids for pain management, it is important they educate themselves on opioid addiction and other treatment options that may be used. Read AGD's full whitepaper, "The Role of Dentistry in Addressing Opioid Abuse," and access additional resources. 

Oral Health Literacy

Educating the public about the importance of maintaining good oral health should be a top concern — as oral disease left untreated can result in pain, disfigurement, loss of school and work days, nutrition problems, expensive emergency room use for preventable dental conditions and even death. Learn more about this key issue and access AGD's model for implementing oral health literacy programs in the classroom. 

Removing Barriers to Care

AGD has long been a proponent of removing the barriers that limit the underserved from seeking and receiving quality oral health care. Read more about our efforts pertaining to this issue. 

Student Debt

With dental school tuition nearly doubling since 2000, new dentists are faced with staggering amounts of debt after graduation, which can limit their ability to choose a preferred career path. Gain insight on this issue, and more specifically, what AGD is lobbying Congress to do. 

Water Fluoridation

Based on the Center for Disease Control’s Recommendations for Using fluoride, AGD policy says when used appropriately, fluoride is safe and effective in preventing and controlling dental caries. Regular use throughout life will help protect teeth against decay. All water supplies, including bottled water, should have appropriate fluoride levels. All fluoridated items, including toothpaste, should be used as recommended by your dentist. AGD support the use of public funds to assist local and state governments in seeing that their public water supplies are adequately fluoridated. Read more. 

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