Assigning AGD Subject Codes

  • by AGD PACE Representative
  • Aug 28, 2020

AGD Subject Codes are numerical codes assigned by the AGD to identify the topic taught during a continuing dental education course. Approved providers are expected to identify the AGD subject codes associated with a course or program in all course/program announcements and again on attendance verification forms. It is the responsibility of CE providers to identify and assign these codes. The AGD publishes the list of subject codes on the AGD website, along with a list of general topics that that can be assigned to each code.

  • Within the past five years the AGD reduced the number of codes for providers to choose from.  Courses should be coded according to the specialty they best address. Example: Any course related to Endodontics, whether it be surgical treatment, non-surgical treatment, obturation techniques or endodontic infections should all be coded as 070/Endodontics.
  • The published list of AGD subject codes should be shared with your planning committee and/or course instructor during the early stages of planning so that the appropriate codes can be identified and included in all course announcements.
  • It is acceptable to assign more than one AGD subject code to a course/program, but providers must estimate and report the number of CE hours that should be allocated towards each subject code on the attendance verification forms given to course attendees and on the course rosters submitted to the AGD. Example: If an eight-hour program discusses both Myofacial Pain/Occlusion and prescription medication management, you might award seven hours in 180/Occlusion and one hour in 340/Anesthesia, Pain Management.
  • From time-to-time an AGD member may contact a provider and ask for hours to be reallocated to a different subject code. If the request is appropriate, the provider can do this. CE providers should provide written confirmation to the member of the reallocation so that the AGD member can retain in their files. Example: An AGD member may have taken an eight-hour course where all hours were coded to subject code 250/Operative Dentistry. Two hours of this course may have discussed veneers. It would be appropriate for the provider to confirm that two of the eight hours can be reallocated to subject code 780/Esthetics. It is the AGD member’s responsibility to report this change to the AGD or licensing board, once the provider provides them written confirmation of the change. Providers can supply updated attendance verification forms to the member if requested but changes do not need to be reported to the AGD. If the provider believes the request is not appropriate, they can deny the request.