Membership FAQs

How do I join?

You can join online, or download a paper application and mail or fax it in with your payment.

AGD Headquarters
560 W. Lake St., Sixth Floor
Chicago, IL 60661-6600
Fax: 312.335.3443

Who is eligible to become a member of the AGD?

Any licensed general dentist, specialty dentist, advanced dental education resident, dental student, dental team member, international dentist, or other person who supports the aims and objectives of the AGD.

What are the different categories of membership?

  • Active General Dentist
  • Associate
  • Affiliate
  • Retired
  • Recent Graduate
  • Resident
  • Student
Read a full description of each membership category to identify which best applies to you.

I am a dental team member. Can I become an AGD member?

Dental team members qualify for the AGD’s Affiliate membership category. Affiliate members are given full access to the AGD website, and receive the publications, AGD Impact and General Dentistry.

I am a dentist practicing in a specialty. Can I become an AGD member?

Dentists practicing in a specialty are eligible for our Associate membership category. Specialty dentists are welcome to join and are entitled to all the benefits of AGD membership, except the right to hold national office. Specialty dentists must meet the following qualifications:

  • Have graduated from a school of dentistry accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) or the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada (CDAC),
  • OR have successfully completed a CODA- or CDAC-accredited specialty residency program,
  • OR hold a valid license to practice dentistry in their country of practice.

I am an international dentist. Can I become a member of the AGD?

There are a variety of circumstances that would determine your membership classification as an international dentist.

  • If you are an international dentist who holds a current license within your country of residence, you are eligible for our Active General Dentist category of membership.
  • If you are an international dentist practicing in a dental specialty, AND hold a license to practice dentistry in your country of residence, you are eligible for our Associate membership category.
  • If you are an international dentist but do not currently hold a valid license to practice in your country of residence, you are eligible for our Affiliate membership category.

Still not sure? Contact the AGD Membership Services Center, toll-free, at 888.AGD.DENT (888.243.3368) or email

What is the annual cost for AGD membership?

The cost of AGD membership includes national, constituent and component dues. For a current list of annual constituent dues rates, please download the application and refer to page 2. 

National Dues Rates


Canada (in US dollars)

Puerto Rico

Active General Dentist
















2020 Graduate




2019 Graduate




2018 Graduate




2017 Graduate








Does the AGD offer membership to retired dentists?

Retired membership status is available to those who have been an Active General Dentist member of the AGD for 10 years or more, are now a retired member of his or her AGD constituent, and no longer earn income from the performance of service as a member of the faculty of a dental school, as a dental administrator or consultant, or as a practitioner of any activity for which a license to practice dentistry or dental hygiene is required. The Retired member status dues rate is equivalent to a new graduate dues rate.

To apply for Retired membership status, the Active General Dentist member shall complete this form attesting to his or her retirement. 

Is there a special membership dues rate for dentists who are 65 or older and practicing?

There are no special dues based on age with the exception of Emeritus status. Emeritus status is defined as an Active General Dentist, Associate, or Retired member in good standing with dues and assessments having been paid who has been a continuous member for 35 consecutive years or 40 nonconsecutive years. Upon becoming 65 years old, this member may be classified as a member emeritus upon application to the AGD's Membership Council, verified with the AGD’s records, followed by subsequent notification of the applicant's AGD constituent.

I just completed my residency and am not yet in a practice. Are there special dues rates?

Recent graduates qualify for the discounted dues rate from the year that they graduated, up to four years out of dental school. We do not offer a special rate for those members not in practice. Members experiencing significant financial hardships may apply for a dues waiver. For more information, contact the AGD Member Services Center at 888.243.3368 or 312.440.4300.

How often do I need to renew my AGD membership?

AGD membership is based on a calendar year. The dues renewal cycle begins in October with an e-invoice to members who provide the AGD with their email address. If no email address is provided, invoices are mailed to members. The first mailed notification begins in November. The annual deadline to renew membership is March 31.

Are my AGD membership dues tax deductible?

Yes, membership dues are tax deductible in the United States as a business expense. Per the U.S. Revenue Reconciliation Act of 1993, however, please note that 1.2 percent of your membership dues payment is not deductible as a business expense because it is allocable to lobbying activities of the organization. Please check with your accountant or tax adviser for detailed information.

How long before I begin receiving my member benefits?

You can start accessing our membership benefits right away! As soon as your payment is processed, you'll receive an email with your member ID and link to download your digital membership card. Use your username and password to log in to to view your free CE sessions, network with your peers and download practice management resources.