Attention 2020 Fellowship and Master Awardees:

In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we know many 2020 award applicants are concerned about attending the Convocation ceremony, scheduled for July 18, 2020 in Las Vegas, NV.  While we sincerely hope that the pandemic will be contained within the next few weeks, the AGD will provide you with information of what to do should travel still be restricted in July.  

Keep in mind, award applications are still under review.  Final approval of all qualified applications is expected to occur by March 31, 2020.  Notification of approval or denial will be sent to all applicants in early April.  Additional information regarding receiving the award in 2020 should travel still be restricted in July will be included with this information.   Questions can be emailed to

AGD Mastership: A lifelong commitment to exceptional patient care. 

Complete your journey to excellence by achieving AGD’s highest honor for lifelong learning — the Mastership Award. Mastership represents the highest level of achievement for members in accordance with AGD's mission to advance general dentistry and oral health through quality continuing education. 


* Includes United States and Canada. Sourced from Statista and United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Mastership Requirements

To earn Mastership, you must complete the following requirements:

  • Be an AGD Fellow
  • Maintain current AGD membership for three continuous years by Dec. 31 of the year in which the application is received.
  • Have a dental license that has not been suspended or revoked within the past five years and is not currently under probation, suspension or revocation
  • Complete at least 1,100 hours of approved CE as an AGD member
  • Of the 1,100 CE hours at least 400 hours of CE must be from participation courses in specific disciplines
  • Of the 1,100 CE hours at least 600 hours must meet minimum hour requirements in specific disciplines
  • Apply for the Mastership Award
  • Upon approval to receive the award, attend the AGD Convocation Ceremony, held during the AGD Scientific Session, where you will receive the award; successful candidates are allowed three years following approval to complete this requirement

For more information, download the AGD Mastership Award Guidelines.

Apply for Mastership

To receive your AGD Mastership Award submit your application and the required fee to AGD by Dec. 31. Download the Mastership Award Application, or request the application via email at Then, apply!

Find an AGD MasterTrack® Program

Team up with your colleagues in pursuit of Mastership. MasterTrack® Programs foster camaraderie and enable members to earn Mastership more quickly than they could on their own — usually within four or five years.

Each program’s organizer determines the order in which CE requirements are addressed. Most programs offer protocol courses, allowing participants to apply the new skills and techniques covered in class, and then discuss the outcomes with the instructor and colleagues. A protocol course has three primary components:

  • A classroom session
  • A homework assignment, to be completed independently by the participant
  • A homework presentation, critique and evaluation session

Find out whether there’s an AGD MasterTrack® Program in your area, or contact your AGD constituent about other programs or study clubs that may be available to you.

Showcase Your Commitment

AGD has developed resources for Fellows and Masters to show patients their commitment to providing exceptional care. 

Access the AGD Awareness Toolkit

"Earning my Mastership award has made me a more well-rounded, well-versed dentist, which benefits my patients and keeps me on the pathway to excellence, both in dentistry and in my personal life."

Bruce L. Cassis, DDS, MAGD
Fayetteville, WV
Member since 1986

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