Antibiotics in Clinical Practice: Antibiotic Stewardship and Appropriate Antibiotic Use

Apr. 18, 2023 at 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Thomas M. Paumier, DDS
Subject: 340 Anesthesia and Pain Management
Credits: 1.5 
Tuesday, April 18: 7:30–9 p.m. CDT
Audience: Dentists
Fee: Free


Antibiotics have improved health outcomes since the discovery of penicillin and its widespread use during World War II. However, their overuse and misuse has now threatened their effectiveness and led to superbug infections that are untreatable as well as an increase in antibiotic-associated C. diff infections. This course will provide antibiotic stewardship guidance and cover the risks of inappropriate antibiotic use, including antibiotic resistance. It will also review the latest American Dental Association (ADA) Clinical Practice Guidelines related to when antibiotics are appropriate for patients with odontogenic infections. Prescribing recommendations as well as when and why antibiotics are indicated or not indicated will be covered. The topic of antibiotic prophylaxis related to prosthetic joints, cardiac conditions, bone marrow transplants and many other medical conditions will be covered to help attendees ensure they are treating such patients appropriately.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the current ADA Clinical Practice Guidelines for antibiotic prophylaxis and antibiotic use for odontogenic infections.
  • Understand the risks and benefits of antibiotic use, including antibiotic resistance and C. diff infection.
  • Understand and be able to implement antibiotic stewardship practices.
  • Understand oral bacteremia and its association with distant site infections.
  • Understand how antibiotic prophylaxis affects oral bacteremia and distant site infections.
  • Understand the biology and physiology of prosthetic joint infections and infective endocarditis.

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Speaker Bio  

Thomas M. Paumier, DDS, is a cum laude graduate of The Ohio State University College of Dentistry class of 1987 and completed a general practice residency (GPR) at St. Elizabeth Medical Center, Youngstown, Ohio. He has been in private practice in Canton, Ohio, since 1988. He is on the faculty of the Cleveland Clinic Mercy Hospital GPR in Canton and is a fellow in the International and American College of Dentists. He was a member of the ADA and American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons expert panels, which wrote the Clinical Practice Guidelines and Appropriate Use Criteria for Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Prosthetic Joint Patients. He also was a co-author of the ADA Clinical Practice Guideline for Appropriate Antibiotic Use for Odontogenic Infections and was the 2019 recipient of the ADA Evidence-Based Dentistry Clinical Practice Award. He was one of six dentists appointed to the ADA Dental Practice Recovery Task Force during the COVID-19 pandemic. He regularly lectures to dental residents and students at Case School of Dental Medicine and NYU Langone Medical Center. He is vice chair of the Cleveland Clinic Mercy Hospital Board and chair of the Cleveland Clinic Mercy Development Foundation. He is a past president of the Ohio Dental Association and the Stark County Dental Society. 

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