Sergio Kuttler, BS, DDS
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Available Topic(s) "Realizing Success in Endodontics:"
A Scientific Approach - Presented by Dr. Sergio Kuttler:
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"Realizing Success in Endodontics"
A Scientific Approach - Presented by Dr. Sergio Kuttler

The field of endodontics is experiencing a virtual explosion of new techniques, instruments and materials. How many of these will stand the test of time is yet to be determined. Many claims and existing guidelines for selecting a NiTi file system are:
Based on contemporary authors and lecturers
Derived from possibly outdated philosophies
Anecdotally based on clinical experience without scientific approach (evidence based)

The limitations of existing guidelines include:
They do not take recent research into account
They do not discuss goals or predictable methods for obtaining clean canals and 3D obturation
They emphasize the importance of instrument sequence to shape root canals so they look good radiographically after obturation

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The Golden Era Of Root Canal Instrumentation (Lecture)
Taking the Difficulty Out of Endodontic Treatment: Do It Scientifically Simple
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Realizing Success in Endonics