Amy Morgan
Full Name Amy Morgan
Office address 3 Hamilton Landing Ste 240
Novato, CA 94949-8248
Phone (415) 493-2400
Fax (415) 493-2400
Available Topic(s) The Secrets to creating a culture of inspiration, motivation and self-direction
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Since 1993, Amy has had the privilege of serving the dental community as part of the team at Pride Institute. She counts herself lucky to have been hired and mentored by Dr. Jim Pride as she moved up from a consultant/trainer to CEO in 1999. Since 2004, when Dr. Pride passed his legacy to me and the ownership team, it has been my goal to honor his contributions and his core values while implementing new models and methods for modern solutions for a modern world! As a well-known consultant/trainer, Amy has worked diligently to enhance Pride Institute’s time-proven management systems and strategies in order to revitalize thousands of dental practices. Her goal is to make sure all who seek Pride Institutes’ advice and support become more secure, efficient, profitable and happy. Amy “spreads the word” as a speaker throughout North America and Europe and has been featured at every major dental meeting. Some of the unique books and training manuals Amy has created are designed to address the true issues that doctors and team face every day in their practice with real solutions.

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