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Available Topic(s) - Bugs that will EAT you
- Cases Only A Mother Could Love
- Come In and Catch it: The Review that Sticks
- Drugs I have Known and Loved for Diseases That We Catch
- Great Cases with New Faces
- Oral Cancer 2013: Lumps, Bumps and Lesions for all Seasons
- Memoirs of an Oral Pathologist
- Name That Disease and Other Oral Pathology Party Games
- Oral Pathology for the Joy of It: You are the Object of my Infection
- Oral Pathology with a twist and a number of crusts
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Dr. John Svirsky is a board certified oral and maxillofacial pathologist at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond, Virginia. He received his dental degree in 1973 from VCU and went on to complete a general practice residency at Long Island Jewish Medical Center/Queens Hospital Center, as well as an oral pathology residency at the Catholic Medical Center. He is currently a professor of oral and maxillofacial pathology and maintains a private practice in oral medicine and oral pathology. Dr. Svirsky has developed a broad background in research, published numerous articles in the dental literature, and earned a masterís degree in adult education. He is a sought after speaker with an international reputation as an informative and entertaining lecturer. Dr. Svirsky is an honorary member of the Thomas P. Hinman Dental Society and has received a Presidential Citation from the American Dental Association for significant contributions to the health of the public and the profession of dentistry. In 2012 he received the William J. Gies Award from the Greater New York Dental Meeting for contributions to oral health. The MCV Alumni Association (MCVAA) of Virginia Commonwealth University has chosen Dr. Svirsky to receive the 2013 MCVAA Outstanding Alumnus Award.

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Oral Pathology for the JOY of
Drugs I Have Known and Loved f
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The Joy of Oral Pathology