Barbara J. Steinberg, DDS, FAGD
Full Name Barbara J. Steinberg, DDS, FAGD
Available Topic(s) Heart Disease: The #1 Killer!

Eating Disorders: Medical and Dental Considerations
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Heart Disease: The #1 Killer!

This course will look at risk factors and preventive strategies for heart disease including lifestyle choices to reduce our risk of developing heart disease. Symptoms that someone may experience when having a myocardial infarction will be discussed. Therapeutic regimens in the treatment of heart disease will be presented. (Half-day)

Participants will learn:

-Risk factors for heart disease
-Preventive strategies and lifestyle choices to reduce risk of heart disease
-Therapeutic regimens in the treatment of heart disease

Eating Disorders: Medical and Dental Considerations

Eating disorders have become a problem that is epidemic on our college campuses with possible life threatening implications. This presentation will address the psychological, medical and dental issues associated with these disorders. Dental management considerations of the eating disordered patient will also be discussed. (Half-day)

Participants will learn:

-Medical complications secondary to eating disorders;
-Dental and oral issues secondary to eating disorders;
-Dental management of the patient with an eating disorder.

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