Mark Buczko, CPCU, CIC, RPLU
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Available Topic(s) "Protecting Your Assets ~ Risk Management in A Dental Practice"
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"Protecting Your Assets ~ Risk Management in A Dental Practice"

As a general dentist your most valuable asset is likely your practice. You probably donít think too much about the financial risk you face every time you treat a patient. You risk an allegation of malpractice. Itís likely the only time you think about your risk of malpractice is once a year when the insurance renewal bill arrives. If you think about it at any other time itís likely something has gone terribly wrong.

This course will help you think about your exposure to a malpractice claim before something goes terribly wrong. The risk management techniques commonly applied to a malpractice exposure and the top procedures dentists perform that lead to malpractice allegations will be discussed.

Through the use of real-life case studies, and the participation of a local defense attorney,* youíll see how things can go from bad to worse once the judicial system gets involved.

And finally, youíll learn some tips on evaluating your insurance policy and your insurance provider.

*Local defense attorneyís participation is subject to availability. Every effort will be made to include a local defense attorney to participate in this presentation.

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