Clifford Ruddle, DDS
Full Name Clifford Ruddle, DDS
Office address 227 Las Alturas Rd
Santa Barbara, CA 93103-2104
Available Topic(s) "Creating Endodontic Success"
Presented by Dr. Clifford Ruddle"

This seminar offers personalized, high-level training for general dentists and specialists alike. Whether a new or returning doctor, learn how to more effectively shape canals, clean root canal systems, and three-dimensionally obturate utilizing scientifically-proven techniques This seminar will teach safe, efficient and predictably successful endodontic techniques that can be immediately implemented into your practice.
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A review of basic biologic principles in endodontic treatment is followed by a systematic analysis of those factors which guide each case to successful completion. Lecture material will be powerfully presented utilizing a multimedia format comprised of easy-to-understand animations, microscopeassisted clinical video, and radiographic images. Particular emphasis will be placed on root canal system anatomy and the avoidance of frequently overlooked problems. Dr. Ruddle will discuss the most clinically relevant technologies utilized to precisely shape canals and three-dimensionally clean and pack root canal systems. A sequential description is made of the following:

Differential diagnosis
Root canal system anatomy
Breakdown and disease flow
Complete access: tools & methods
Preparation strategies Glide path management
Rotary systems: The ProTaper Advantage
Reciprocating Systems: WaveOne
Cleaning: debridement, smear layer, biofilm
Finishing criteria for success
Three-dimensional obturation

The presentation will focus on the ProTaper Universal rotary, WaveOne and manual file systems, their unique features, and the scientific evidence supporting their method of use. Dr. Ruddle will show innovative methods for three-dimensionally cleaning with emphasis on the reagents, their delivery and activation. The advantages of vertical condensation of warm gutta percha utilizing a new advanced obturation device will be illustrated in detail.

Participation Workshop
The workshop portion of the course will provide a hands-on opportunity to shape canals and three dimensionally clean and obturate root canal systems. Each participant is responsible for bringing 3-4 previously extracted and accessed teeth for the all-day hands-on workshop. Each workshop station will be fully equipped, including a microscope, electric motor, ultrasonic generator and all relevant and recently developed instruments. Digital radiography will be available to participants for reviewing shaping and obturation results. Clinical results will be reviewed and discussed.

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Creating Endodontic Excellence