Katie Vincer Sears, DDS
Full Name Katie Vincer Sears, DDS
Available Topic(s)

"The Dental Professional's Role in Managing the Patient with Diabetes"
1-2 CE hours

"Oral Implications in Older Adults, a Growing Need for Care"
1-2 CE hours

"Worn Out! How to Relieve and Manage Erosion"
1 CE hour

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Dr. Katie Vincer Sears is a General Dentist in private practice. Dr. Vincer Sears owns two practices, Confident Expressions in Columbus, Ohio and Maysville Dental located in Zanesville, Ohio. Dr. Vincer Sears has served on an advisory committee for the American Dental Association. She provides dental education to local schools, after-school programs and daycares and participates in dental charities such as Dental Options and Give Kids a Smile.  Dr. Vincer Sears received a BA in English Literature from Saint Mary’s College of Notre Dame before graduating from The Ohio State University College of Dentistry in 2008. Dr. Vincer Sears also performed chemistry research at the University of Wyoming and her research is published in The Journal of Organic Chemistry.

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