Cesar Migliorati, DDS
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Dry Mouth and Associated Complications

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Dry Mouth and Associated Complications

Saliva is critical for maintenance of good oral health. Key actions of saliva include: 1) buffering to prevent an acidic oral environment which predisposes to dental demineralization, 2) supply of calcium and phosphate, key substrates for dental remineralization, and protein secretion that enhances the local defenses against infection. Dry mouth can develop due to salivary gland hypofunction or due to pathological dysfunction of the glands. Full or half day

1. To learn about history taking and diagnostic procedures to recognize dry mouth
2. Identify risk groups and clinical changes that are helpful in the diagnosis of dry mouth
3. Understand the prevention and management procedures for patients with dry mouth



875 Union Avenue
Memphis, TN 38163
901 448-2613

DEPARTMENT: Diagnostic Sciences and Oral Medicine


1. University of Sao Paulo, Brazil DDS August of 1968 July of 1972

Graduate/Professional School:

1. University of Sao Paulo, Brazil - MS, Stomatology 1977-1978
Thesis: Immunocytochemistry of immunoglobulins in the periapical granuloma

2. University of California, San Francisco - MS, Oral
Biology August of 1981- March of 1984 Thesis: Phenotypic identification of mononuclear cells in oral precancer and cancer with monoclonal antibodies

3. University of Sao Paulo-School of Dentistry - PhD, Department of Stomatology 1997 - 2002
Thesis: Oral Candidiasis in HIV infected patients in the era of protease inhibitors.


1. University of California, San Francisco - Post-Doctoral Fellow Oral Medicine 1981-1984

1. American Board of Oral Medicine 1988 to date

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