Wilson J. Kwong, DDS
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Available Topic(s) Simplified and Fast Composite Placement Strategies

Contemporary Solutions for Restorative Dentistry
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Dr. Wilson Kwong practices in Vancouver, Canada and enjoys a thriving cosmetic and implant reconstruction practice. He is a Program Director for CCADS, and mentors dentists throughout the US and Canada. Dr. Kwong will explain how you can place 2-4 anterior layered composite restorations in under one hour using his simplified techniques. Composite restorations for anterior and posterior teeth make up a bulk of what dentists do during their day. Learn proven, effective and simple techniques to deliver excellence.


Simplified and Fast Composite Placement Strategies

The new bulk-fill technology - Creating beautiful posterior composites is now as easy as placing amalgams. Prepare, place, carve, cure and polish. It’s fast, easy, and predictable with no sensitivity, and excellent adaptation and esthetics.



Composite placement can be very technique sensitive and with so many products out there, it has become confusing as well. Dr. Kwong has created a simplified approach and understanding of composite science, allowing the clinician to place beautiful and long- lasting restorations for their patients. The placement protocol has been simplified to 5 Easy steps allowing most posterior restorations to be placed in minutes, making the bonding process enjoyable and predictable and profitable again.

Contemporary Solutions for Restorative Dentistry

This course provides attendees with practical insights and guidelines for creating exceptionally esthetic and functional direct and indirect restorations. Using today’s state-of-the-art curing lights, cements, direct composites, and high strength all-ceramic materials, instructors clarify the nuances of restorative protocol that contribute to clinical success and patient satisfaction. Accurate treatment planning will be discussed and supplemented by illustrations of successful case examples. Additionally, instruction will focus on incorporating proven technologies, materials and techniques that will be easy to implement into your daily routine.

Learning Objectives:

• Apply and use direct and indirect restorative options for conservative smile restorations
• Incorporate appropriate adhesive and cementation protocol specific to the restorative material and indication
• Properly use today’s state-of-the-art polymerization technologies to achieve superior results
• Understand concepts, guidelines, and techniques for tooth preparation for high strength all-ceramic restorations
• Apply knowledge of proper finishing and polishing instrumentation for direct and indirect restorations to ensure functional and esthetic predictability

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