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Periodontal Inflammation and the Risk for Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular and periodontal diseases are common inflammatory conditions in human population. In atherogenesis, inflammation plays a continuous role from endothelial cell expression of adhesion molecules to the development of the fatty streak, established plaque and finally plaque rupture. Exposures to infections like periodontal disease have been postulated to perpetuate inflammatory events in atherogenesis. Recent observational studies and meta-analyses continue to demonstrate a modest but statistically significant increased risk for cardiovascular disease among persons exposed to periodontal disease or infection. Experiments with animal models further indicate periodontal infection can increase atherosclerosis in the presence or absence of hypercholesterolemia. While the available pilot data in patients suggest that periodontal interventions can improve surrogate serum biomarkers and vascular responses associated with cardiovascular disease, the effect of these interventions on true outcomes of cardiovascular disease like myocardial infarction and stroke is presently unknown. Nevertheless, clinicians and patients should be aware of the consistent association between cardiovascular and periodontal diseases along with the potential preventive benefits of periodontal interventions.

Course Objectives:
1. Understand the biological plausibility for the connection between oral infection/inflammation and cardiovascular disease
2. Communicate and discuss with dental patients the potential risk for cardiovascular disease
3. Integrate preventive interventions aimed at controlling oral inflammation and enhancing systemic health into clinical practice

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