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Title: Biostatistics, Evidence-Based Dentistry and Science. Who Knows What to Believe?
Length: 2.5 - 3.5 Hours

A highly interactive discussion serves to unfold the basic biostatistics needed by practitioners who seek to make sense of the biomedical literature. This leads into a discussion of the components of evidence-based dentistry with an emphasis (illustrated by likely examples drawn from the literature) on the many sources of bias. This presentation concludes with a discussion of scientific fraud, highlighted against both historical and contemporary interplays between science, politics and public policy.

Title: Trends in Perio, What You Need to Know
Length: 3 or 6 Hours

(with Gilia Rethman RDH, BA, Editorial Director, Dimensions of Dental Hygiene): Evidence-based care... periodontal medicine… inflammation... biofilms… disease classifications… prevention and intervention strategies… are you aware? The world of periodontics is changing at lightening speed, and in order to best treat patients, the clinician must be knowledgeable in all aspects of periodontal care. This course begins with an overview of the concept of evidence-based (EB) care. The EB thread continues as assessment, treatment and prevention methods are discussed. Learn how to apply the EB method in clinical practice, the latest information on perio/systemic links, advances in assessment, treatment and prevention strategies… and more!

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