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As a graduate of the University of Washington, School of Dentistry, Dr. Gillespie approaches dentistry in a progressive, yet conservative manner. He is well known for his personal and approachable style, making communication open and easy. Dr. Gillespie knows success in dentistry always stems from clarity and effectiveness of communication with colleagues, staff and patients. His vision of comprehensive dentistry focuses on effective treatment planning and utilizing the best dental materials available. Dr. Gillespie’s enthusiasm in the field is contagious. Such attributes have aided his work as a consultant in product development for Henry Schein’s patient education software, GURU. Dr. Gillespie practices full time at Gillespie Dentistry in Vancouver, Washington where he places a strong emphasis on implant dentistry. He was involved with extensive implant research at the University of Washington, and is passionate about continuing education in implant dentistry. Currently, Dr. Gillespie works with WhiteCap Institute where he mentors general dentists on implant placement, grafting, occlusion and esthetic implant restorations.

First Impressions and Lasting Images: Improving Impressions and Cementation of Indirect Restorations

Today we are inundated with options for impression materials and cements. How do we choose the proper material for each situation? What advantages do some have over others? Capturing accurate impressions the first time is essential. Dr. Gillespie discusses how implementation of certain materials & techniques enables any doctor to accomplish this technical task. Different cements have different applications. Dr. Gillespie brings you a current review of everything from resin-modified glass ionomers and total etch/dual cure systems, to the latest in self-etching cements. A solid understanding of when to use each material will lead to long “lasting images” in the doctor’s mind and the patient’s mouth. Dr. Gillespie highlights all areas of impression taking and cementation throughout the mouth including anterior to posterior, single to multiple units and implant restorations.

New Products: When Do I Make the Switch?

Dentists are inundated with new and improved products from manufacturers on a regular basis. Some are truly fantastic while others seem merely to be a marketing ploy. The question is, "how do I decide what products to incorporate into my daily practice?" Will they make my life less stressful and more productive? Dr. Gillespie will review several products from the latest in impression materials and cements to the debate of bonding generations and ceramic systems. Attendees will leave feeling more educated about the latest products to hit the market and confident in their ability to choose which ones will help their practices continue to grow.

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