Douglas A. Young, DDS, MBA, MS
Full Name Douglas A. Young, DDS, MBA, MS
Phone (415) 749-3308
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"The Dental Professional's Role in Managing the Patient with Diabetes"
1-2 CE hours

"Oral Implications in Older Adults, a Growing Need for Care"
1-2 CE hours

"Worn Out! How to Relieve and Manage Erosion"
1 CE hour

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Dr. Young is an active and ardent educator in the field of minimally invasive dentistry, glass ionomer dental materials, and cariology. He serves on several boards and has presented at congresses around the world, as well as several universities. Dr. Young has been published in several peer-reviewed dental journals and textbooks. Dr. Young is a Professor, University of the Pacific and is also an Associate Clinical Professor, Adjunct, at the University of California- San Francisco.

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A New Standard for Caries Mana