Fotinos S. Panagakos, DMD
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Perio and Diabetes
Perio and CVD
Perio and Pregnancy
Biology of Periodontal Infection and Inflammation
Oral-Systemic Health - Patient Management
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Chronic Inflammation, its Role in Health and its Management by Chemotherapeutic Agents

This presentation will provide an overview of the inflammation process with descriptions of both acute and chronic inflammation. The focus will be on the current model of periodontal disease, the host response, and the connection between chronic inflammation and overall systemic health. Examples of how oral inflammation has been shown to affect overall health will be given. The role of periodontal diseases in relation to systemic diseases, specifically diabetes and CVD, will be explored and the seminar will conclude with a discussion of therapeutic options.

Learning outcomes:
• Understand the gingivitis-periodontitis continuum
• Understand the role oral infection and inflammation have on systemic health
• Understand the relationships between oral health and systemic health, specifically diabetes and CVD.
• Understand how antibacterial and anti-inflammatory oral care products can play an important role in helping improve a patient’s oral health and possibly his/her overall health.

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