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This course is designed for the dental practitioner, the dental hygienist and dental assistant to educate and instruct them in how both aging affects systemic and oral health and how chronic disease affects aging.

The attendee will be able to learn the following:
1. The factors involved in the disease process, including what is disease, both acute and chronic versus what is long-term illness and end-stage disease.
2. What diseases are common in the oral cavity with and without teeth present.
3. How diseases are affected by aging and lack of care.
4. How systemic disease is related to oral disease.
5. What diseases in the oral cavity cause systemic disease.
6. Treatment modalities for oral systemic disease processes.
7. How to diagnose oral disease and systemic disease.
8. Statistics related to aging and disease states.
9. Environmental factors related to oral systemic diseases.
10.New research and products related to treating, diagnosing and eliminating oral systemic disease states.

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