Richard P. Fox, Jr., DDS
Full Name Richard P. Fox, Jr., DDS
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Dr. Rick Fox, a 1976 graduate from the University of Michigan Dental School, has been a user of CERECŪ technology since 1997, and has successfully placed thousands of CAD/CAM fabricated restorations. Dr. Fox was certified as a Basic and Advanced Trainer in the CERECŪ system by Sirona Dental Systems, LLC and Patterson Dental companies in 1999. In 2005, he began training various Veterans Administration Hospitals, Dental Schools and military dental clinics around the world. Dr. Fox was also selected to train the Navy dentists participating in the 2008 USNS MERCY mission to Southeast Asia. This was an extremely important mission, bringing 21st century dentistry (CERECŪ) to third world countries for the first time. Dr. Fox takes great pride in his successful training programs. He understands the demands placed on the dental team and has designed his programs to fit those specific needs. Dr. Fox demonstrates a passion for CERECŪ in all of his classes. His relaxed style helps the potential owner realize how CERECŪ will help put the fun and profit back into dentistry.

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