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Available Topic(s) “Two Sides of the Management Coin”
"Dentistry Dedicated to Excellence: Taking a Stand against Periodontal Disease"
"The 'Savage' Front Desk!"
"Minimizing the Risk of Employee Embezzlement"
"Leadership on a Shoestring: 11 Ways to Develop Your Team During Tough Economic Times!"
"The Key Essentials of a Successful Practice"
"It's a Jungle Out There"
"Excellence in Patient and Customer Service: Evaluate Energize and Emerge!"
"Communication and Teamwork"
"Banishing the Broken Appointment"
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Dr. Rhonda Savage began her career in dentistry as a dental assistant in 1976. After 4 years of chair-side assisting, she then took over front office duties for the next two years.

Dr. Savage graduated with a B.S. in Biology, Cum Laude, Seattle University 1985; she then attended the University of Washington School of Dentistry, graduating in 1989 with numerous honors. She was then active duty as a dental officer in the U.S. Navy during Desert Shield/ Desert Storm and was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal, the National Defense Medal and an Expert Pistol Medal.

Dr. Savage has been in private practice for 16 years, has authored many published peer reviewed articles and has lectured internationally. She is active in organized dentistry and is a past President of the Washington State Dental Association. She is an affiliate faculty member of the University of Washington School of Dentistry. In addition, she is a fellow of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, the American College of Dentistry and the International College of Dentists.

Rhonda Savage, DDS is the CEO for Linda L Miles and Associates, an internationally known practice management and consulting business. She is a member of the National Speakers Association and the Institute of Management Consultants. Dr. Savage is a noted speaker on lectures on practice management, women’s health issues and zoo dentistry.


Two Sides of the Management Coin

In this exciting course, Dr. Rhonda Savage outlines how dentists and team members feel about various issues. As a former dental assistant and front office person, Dr. Savage discusses how both sides can come together to make it a win/win/win for the patients, practice and team! Discussions are fun filled with humor and laughter, but also contain multiple pearls that you can implement on Monday! Discover your practices “Pot of Gold” with Two Sides of the Management Coin!

Attendees will learn:

1. Improve communication and leadership at all levels (Doctor and Team)

2. Dramatically improve practice productivity along with the work environment

3. Leadership at all levels

4. Practice guidelines

5. Learn how to make all management systems reach another 20-30% of efficiency without decreasing productivity.

6. Work ON the practice not just IN it.

Bonus Topic: “Inside the Consultant’s Files” - this topic is added with a full day lecture and will amaze the audience! Challenges are not unique to just one practice—learn from others mistakes, learn recommended solutions, and practice positive outcomes!

Presentation Lengths Available: Half and Full Day Note: if presentation is less than a full day, some objectives will need to be eliminated or limited.

"Dentistry Dedicated to Excellence: Taking a Stand against Periodontal Disease"

As the relationship between the mouth and the rest of the body becomes clearer, it’s changing the way dentists, physicians and patients view oral health. In this dynamic presentation, Dr. Savage relates periodontal disease to pregnancy, diabetes, menopause, heart disease and more! Incorporating patient education about systemic health during the hygiene appointment can develop patient trust and loyalty, plus referrals of their family and friends. The entire team needs to be knowledgeable about periodontal disease. The dentist is responsible for diagnosis; the dental assistant and front desk must be knowledgeable when answering patient questions. In addition, the dental assistant can ‘set the stage’ for periodontal disease during the new patient exam, utilizing the intraoral camera.


- Up to date information and literature review about periodontal disease and treatment

- Guidelines for a periodontal protocol In depth discussion about the connection of periodontal disease to systemic disease such as osteoporosis, obesity and heart health

- What every woman needs to know regarding her health and her family’s health

- Insurance benefits, oral health and optional screening tools

- Verbal skills, Website promotion and OpEd development

Presentation Lengths Available: Full and Half Day Note: If presentation is less than a full day, some objectives will need to be eliminated or limited.

"The “Savage” Front Desk!"

Some dental practices thrive year after year with a limited amount of stress. Others struggle with day to day patient management, budget and overhead control, and find challenges in their overall systems. What they need are... Systems that are fool proof!

In order to ensure a healthy bottom line, systems are key! Dr. Savage will guide you and the Front Office through the ins and outs of what it takes to implement a fool proof “Savage” front desk. These systems are the key to the top-tier practices and their success! Enjoy a lively session while learning where to grow and streamline the business, you can do it and we will show you how!

The Savage Front Desk

Attendees will learn:

- Front office division of duties

- The patient’s experience

- The new patient & the new patient interviewing you!

- The existing patient with extensive needs

- Treatment Plan Tracking Form The Patients self esteem Overview of Systems

- Scheduling

- Hygiene Department Effectiveness

- Patient Reactivation

- Collections and Insurance Management

"Minimizing the Risk of Employee Embezzlement"

It is the course they don’t teach in dental school:

How to keep your hard-earned cash from walking out the door into your employees’ pockets! “It couldn’t happen here," you say! Well, informal surveys indicate that anywhere from 50-80% of dental practices may be victims of em-bezzlement. Unfortunately, dentists are more vulnerable to employee theft than most small businesses. Learn the “whys, the hows, and the ways” to protect your business from fraud.

This thought provoking course will challenge you to consider:

My employees are exceedingly loyal. I can’t imagine one of them stealing from me. Hmm? Exactly what group of employees most often embezzles? I screen my employees carefully. Am I careful enough? I have insurance; won’t that help? What can I do to strengthen my controls? If I institute procedures to protect my practice, won’t my employees feel I’m being too formal?

Learn how to keep your employees honest! You will learn the symptoms of embezzlement; techniques for preventing bookkeeping embezzlement; how to conduct a mini-surprise audit; check for telephone abuse; prevent time theft and prevent embezzlement through proper computer use. And, in an unanticipated way, you will learn how to make your practice more profitable! Presentation Lengths Available: Half and Full Day Note: If presentation is less than a full day, some objectives will need to be eliminated or limited.

Leadership on a Shoestring: 11 Ways to Develop Your Team During Tough Economic Times!


Do you want higher performance from your employees? Business owners, managers and supervisors often struggle with the need to provide great customer service with fewer resources. You’ll learn about how to meet the needs of your team, because it’s not just about the money. They want motivational performance reviews, daily coaching, training and increased communication. This ‘nuts and bolts’ presentation will address specific ways you can motivate and challenge your employees to do more and be more.

Learn About:

1. Accountability

2. Motivational performance reviews and Merit increases

3. Behavior you shouldn’t tolerate: Gossip, backstabbing and negativity

4. How to perform a corrective review

5. The needs of your staff and how to motivate them with your words, actions and vision

"The Key Essentials of a Successful Practice"

Some dental practices thrive year after year with a limited amount of stress. Others struggle with day to day patient management, budget and overhead control, and most of all... personnel issues.

This lively session outlines what Miles Global finds as a common thread among their top clients who have the finest care along with a happy, productive work environment. But most of all, they also have a healthy bottom line.

Follow these five easy steps to success. It's great to go home "happy tired" verses "stressed out tired".

Attendees will learn:

1. How to attain clinical excellence through comprehensive treatment planning

2. What are the 7 stages of treatment planning and why are they so important?

3. How to attract and retain the ideal dental team

4. Conceptualize key elements to effective communication: verbal skills that will move your practice to the next level

5. Learn the systems of a successful practice, including hygiene department effectiveness, patient reactivation, collection protocol and insurance management

"It's a Jungle Out There"

Are you keeping up with the times?

Are unmet sales expectations “Driving You Wild”?

Learn what it takes to create a self-directed, enthusiastic and accountable business team. Why is it that some owners and managers seem lucky and find the right people while others have constant turn over and strife? This revealing course unlocks the keys to successful leadership from the owner (top-down) to the new hire. Your business os only as strong as its weakest link. Attend this course and leave with a fresh new outlook. Strong leadership develops “owner-mentality” vs. “unionized thinking”: A much better way to succeed in business!

With great advances in technology patients appreciate our investment in the latest and greatest. However, what they really want is a relationship! Propel your practice to exceptional levels! Designed for the Dr’s and staff, this fast paced class provides information you can implement immediately in your practice!

Don’t be eaten alive! How to be a leader in your business and Survive!

Presentation Lengths Available: Half and Full Day

Excellence in Patient and Customer Service: Evaluate Energize and Emerge!

Get that Elephant out of the Room! All practices can grow their team and improve customer service thru training and practice. This lively course will identify issues or concerns that may be affect-ing your customer service. Explore the roles of leadership and teamwork with a focus on your pa-tient: What do you want your patients to say about you and your practice? Create an systematic envi-ronment that earns the trust and respect of your patients. Case acceptance, proper scheduling and time management improve when we have proper systems in place. Our goal is that you get the patients you want and keep the ones you’ve got!

Attendees will learn:

1. Customer service thru team development: The four needs of the staff.

2. Powerful case acceptance thru great verbal and listening skills Critical phone skills: marketing to the outside world

3. How to decrease broken appointments and last minute cancellations

4. Systems that increase attention to detail: Job descriptions, supply and lab case management, x-ray protocol

Communication and Teamwork

There are two critical areas of management in the dental practice, that determine the daily stress level and the efficiency of the practice management systems. Both of these “management-must-haves” will be enthusiastically outlined in this lecture!

From front to back, back to front, doctor to team, team to doctor and all to patients must be effective and congruent. This vital part of daily communication will be presented in an easy to understand format based on Linda Miles’ 1000 plus client consultations. Take-to-the-office-and-use-on-Monday tips will bring immediate and positive results.

This lively presentation outlines the importance of a positive attitude, at all levels. Many dentists and team members say they are burned out...BUT...until they “catch on fire” for dentistry, how can they burn out? In many practices, burnout is a cop-out for a lack of teamwork.

Attendees will learn:

1. How to pass the patient from one person to the next with proper communication at each phase of the patient’s visit

2. How to improve case acceptance and which words or phrases NOT to use: Verbal skills are key!

3. How to do fee rebuttals. Patients accept the fees when the dentist and team do:

4. 13 clearly defined financial policies

5. How vision and accountability go hand in hand

6. Increase Morale And Decrease Negativity Through Clearly Defined Expectations

“Banishing the Broken Appointment”

Are broken appointments, last minute cancellations and unmet case acceptance expectations “Driving You Wild?'

This revealing, informative course discusses those things you may be inadvertently doing in your practice that actually increase broken appointments. Clearly defined policies within your office can improve customer service. Get the entire team on board with creating value for the dentistry!

What you will learn:

- Techniques to getting clients to accept your services or purchase your products

- Build customer trust and rapport: Customer service at its best!

- Clearly defined late policies and last minute cancellation policies

- The verbal skills you need to get and keep the patient on your schedule

- Broken appointment letters

- Clearly defined financial policies

- Phone skills: new patient, shoppers, emergencies

- Treatment plan tracking and case acceptance


Successful Practices Don’t Happen by Accident!

What Every Team member needs to Know: When your dental team member has the skills to communicate and connect with the patients he or she serves, it means better care, happier patients and more profits! This hands-on workshop will help your dental team learn how to communicate well and improve case acceptance by knowing the right words to use, and more.

Your staff can confidently discuss fees and procedures with your patients!
1. How to schedule the new patient
2. Improve the communication skills of your team members through the use of study models, demonstration models, intraoral photographs, x-rays, video programs and intraoral cameras
3. Motivate your patient to accept periodontal treatment
4. Understand personality profiling and how to better communicate with your patient
5. Refine verbal skills for financial presentation and case acceptance

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