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Robert G. Ritter D.M.D, has a practice that focuses on adhesive esthetic dentistry. He promotes esthetic dentistry as part of his mainstream dental care. He was raised in Palm Beach County and now resides in Palm Beach Gardens.

Dr. Ritter received his dental degree from The Medical University of South Carolina College of Dental Medicine in 1994. He has served as the Clinical Director for IOAD, The Institute for Oral Art and Design in Sarasota, Fl with Master Ceramist Lee Culp C.D.T. He has been the program leader of PowerPAC for the Pacific Aesthetic Continuum (P.A.C.~Live.) He has taught at TEAM dental seminars and 3:1 Foundation hands on programs helping dentists implement the newest esthetic dentistry into their offices.

Dr. Ritter has published many articles on adhesive and cosmetic dentistry in several publications, including PPAD, Signature, Spectrum, Dentistry Today, DPR, Contemporary Esthetics, and is on the editorial board of PPAD Practical Periodontics and Aesthetic Dentistry, and Spectrum Magazine. In addition, Dr. Ritter is an Editorial Board member of REALITY, a publication to keep dentists up-to-date with advances in the products, techniques and research of esthetic dentistry. He is also a product consultant to numerous dental manufacturers .He has lectured nationally as well as internationally on cosmetic dentistry, new materials, joint based dentistry and the steps necessary to transform a practice into an esthetic based practice.

Dr. Ritter takes over 200 hours of continuing education a year to stay on the cutting edge of the rapidly changing world of cosmetic dentistry. He is a member of the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, as well as The American Dental Association. In addition he is a board member of The Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He is a member of the DEAL study club, a component of the Seattle Study Club. Dr. Ritter and his wife Isabelle have a daughter Olivia and enjoy golf, tennis, the beach, water sports, and movies.

Lecture Topics
Esthetic Update A to Z

This lecture is the catch all. Given as a half day of a full day. Covering topics such as glass ionomer, composites, new cements and bonding agents,ceramics and smile design concepts This lecture is well received due to its comprehensive nature. Well received by practitioners and team members that are looking for a fun and energetic look at the newest products and concepts being offered in the general and esthetic practices. This lecture has been given throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

New Cements and Adhesive indications With the ever changing world of dental adhesives and cements it is easy to become quickly confused and overwhelmed. This lecture, given as a half day or full day, helps to eliminate that confusion and clarify whats working and whats not. Adhesives and cements are shown in cases where they clinically successful. This lecture will include many ceramics and composites due to the synergy of all these products together. No longer will the dentist have to guess when deciding the best product for their patients needs.

Smile Design Concepts and Planning Utilizing the latest technology, adhesives, cements, and ceramics dentists can now make the best decision to provide the best functional and esthetic results for their patients. Touching lightly on the concepts of occlusal, functional concerns, and joint considerations dentists and team members learn to understand all the necessary elements to take patients from wax up to finals with predictability.

Anterior and Posterior Esthetics (Direct and Indirect)

Utilizing the latest materials and adhesives on the market, this lecture, given as a half day or full, touches on the decision making tree needed to help choose the best material for a specific indication. As patients desires for optimum esthetics increase, the dentists must be aware of the continuous changes and be able make decisions that will stand up functionally and esthetically.

Clinical Success From A to Z (Adhesives to Zirconium)

This lecture will give an overview of adhesive esthetic dentistry with a focus on how to get the best out of the ceramics and adhesive materials that are currently available. Direct and indirect dentistry will be reviewed with clinical implications for both. With an integrated approach that looks at diagnosis and treatment planning as well as smile design, the attendee will be able to communicate the desired outcome to both the patient and the ceramist.

Techniques looking at the simpli cation of temporization and predictable cementation procedures in conjunction with effcient tissue management will provide the clinician with the recipe for providing the best esthetic results possible for the patient.

Course topics include:
Digital Photography
Glass Ionomers
Direct Composites
Adhesive Selection-The latest review
Ceramic Choices
Ingot Selection for Smile Designs
Resin Cement Choices
Joint Based Occlusion
Temporization-Bisacryl Materials
Soft Tissue Management
Treatment Planning

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