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Available Topic(s) "Maximizing Your Long Term Restorative Success
Integrating a Sound Hygiene/Restorative Practice
Understanding the World of Conservative Dentistry: Applying Today’s Materials into Your Office"

"Applying Today’s Current Aspects of Direct Restorative Dentistry in a Recession Proof Practice"

"Applying Today’s Current Materials of Indirect Restorative Dentistry into a Diagnostically Driven Approach"
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Dr. Graham is an internationally recognized lecturer extensively involved in continuing education for dental professionals, focusing on incorporating current clinical advancements through “conservative dentistry.” He emphasizes in his teachings the same concepts he practices: dental health diagnosis, treatment plans for medically compromised patients, conservative treatment, cosmetic dentistry, and customized approaches to periodontal care, implants and laser dentistry. He is the founder of Dental Team Concepts a continuing education company whose philosophy and programs use contemporary, interactive formats to integrate time-proven conservative dentistry with 21st century materials and techniques. Dr. Graham is a graduate of Emory Dental School. He is the former Dental Director of the University of Chicago’s Department of Dentistry. He enjoys providing dental care at his private practice, University Dental Professionals, in Chicago, IL – Hyde Park.

Maximizing Your Long Term Restorative Success

Every day you face decisions on what to use, what are the critical steps, and most importantly, how to deliver sensitive free long lasting restorations. This course is about expanding your approaches in direct and indirect restorations with a greater emphasis on preservation of tooth structure. In the three hours we have, both research and step by step clinical casework will be presented and change on how you look at your restorative practices. From direct to in-directs, an approach that will make you think and provide the care you will be glowing to provide. Buckle up! Highlights: •Diagnostically driven instruments to assist your team •Dentin protective removal procedures for all your restorative procedures •Rebuilding teeth with dentin and enamel substitution for your direct restorations •The latest materials utilizing time proven results: from bonding agents, glass ionomers to all those cements, a simplified approach to many of your questions

Integrating a Sound Hygiene/Restorative Practice

This full day program will challenge the hygiene/doctor team to diagnose, communicate and work together in a far closer relationship than simply a traditional hygiene practice. In today's office's, customization of patient care and delivering a value oriented approach become essential for today's practices. The overall health of a practice is often defined by the hygiene team and this program will present a comprehensive approach to creating far more success for the practice.

Understanding the World of Conservative Dentistry: Applying Today’s Materials into Your Office

With patients living longer healthier lives, this course will focus on the science and clinical techniques that will allow patients to retain their dentition. The latest advancements in Adhesion Dentistry and dental technology are fundamental to implementing the principles of Conservative Dentistry into your practice. This full day course will transition the participant into the next era of Adhesion Dentistry.

Applying Today’s Current Aspects of Direct Restorative Dentistry in a Recession Proof Practice

(Full or half day lecture; hands-on workshop available)

Today, the general dentist has to treat patients in age ranges from teens to geriatrics and the key to this course is how to get our patient’s teeth to their 85th birthday. In both a clinical and scientific manner, this course proceeds to demonstrate how to use today’s technologies for caries detection, caries prevention, along with multiple approaches to practical restorative applications.

Highlights include:
• Solving both short and long term sensitivity issues without compromising long term results
• Diagnostic methods to predict better outcomes
• Prevention methods to minimize recurrent issues in case by case examples
• How to treat dentin and enamel with remineralization/adhesion principles
• New directions in caries removal, anesthesia, and direct pulp capping
• Step-by-Step casework for all classes of direct restorations
• Conservative approaches to repairing fixed prosthetics dentistry, what works for our geriatric patients.

Applying Today’s Current Materials of Indirect Restorative Dentistry into a Diagnostically Driven Approach

(Full or half day lecture; hands-on workshop available)
Over the last 15 years, we as dentists have been bombarded with new technologies and materials and this course takes a practical approach to optimizing these changes into our fixed restorative practices. With a conservative slant, this course looks at diagnostics and treatment planning as the requirement to long term results.

Highlights include:
• Current approaches to: indirect inlays, onlays, what to use, where and why
• Current uses in full porcelain ceramics that includes the value of today’s zirconia
• Implementing a “tissue approach” to final outcomes. This will include tissue contouring, socket grafting, and practical approaches for the general dentist
• Software for better lab communication and case presentation
• From a single unit to complex rehab work, cases will be presented with step by step techniques that include proper impression, temporization and cementation techniques
• Combination casework that includes: direct restorations, indirect restorations and implants, how they can all work together
• The latest in digital impressions and case presentations

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