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Jonathan A. Bregman, DDS, FAGD is a clinician, speaker, author and trainer who led successful dental practices for more than thirty years. While dedicated to improving the dentist, team and patient experience, he has a passion for educating dental professionals about early oral cancer detection and laser-assisted dentistry. He presents and publishes worldwide on many topics, including maximizing investments in dental technology and effective practice transitions. He is an active member of the ADA, NSA, ADMC, SCN and a Fellow in the AGD. For more than 18 years, he has held an adjunctive faculty position at the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry and is currently an attending at the dental clinic of UNC Memorial Hospital, where he works with patients and trains residents on early oral cancer detection technologies, photo-documentation plus appropriate protocols related to oral cancer detection and diagnosis.

Four Steps to Help Save Lives - Dr. Bregman's Early Oral Cancer Detection Program for Dentists and the Dental Team – Half Day Lecture

Today, oral cancer kills one person in the US every hour. The five-year survival rate has not changed in over 40 years. These are shocking statistics. It’s about time… for these statistics to change.

We have tools that can enhance early oral cancer detection. It’s about time…that we learned what they are. The program Dr. Bregman’s presentation provides participants with a comprehensive and well-structured experience that covers four main topics:
• The target population
• The complete examination & accurate records
• New detection tools
• Patient discussions: results & referral protocols

Effective communication skills are taught in each topic area. The end result is that attendees create their own “to do” list—with Dr. Bregman’s guidance—that can be transformed into immediate action. The experience is worthwhile. The information is vital. And yes, it is about time!
Participants will learn:
• Four key motivating factors to fully engaging the oral cancer screening system
• How to develop a “living mission statement” for oral cancer screening in the practice
• Key statistics for oral cancer: past and present
• How to identify the changing target population for oral cancer screening examinations
• The steps to the complete visual/bi-manual white light extra/intra-oral cancer screening
• The why and how of new tools available to enhance screening
• How to create seamless referral and follow-up
• Communication skills for informed consent to perform oral cancer screening, the examination itself, delivering the difficult message of a positive finding, and creating urgency for effective patient follow-through.

Intended Audience: The dentist and the entire dental team

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