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BIO and PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND: From terrified dental patient to popular international speaker and dental consultant, Lois Banta, CEO of Banta Consulting, Inc., has been involved in dentistry for more than 30 years. With extraordinary insight into the dynamics that make a practice successful, Lois delivers her message with enthusiasm and heartfelt conviction. Lois Banta�s SCI approach (See, Commit, and Implement) has allowed her to take practices from mediocrity to excellence. Her no-nonsense approach and tenacity have earned this 5 ft. tall dynamo the apt reputation, �Ten Foot Tall & Bullet Proof.� As a staff trainer and team builder, Lois effectively teaches the dental team how to move in the same direction, while performing their individual tasks. Her recipe for success is applies to practices of all sizes and her program is a essential for dentists who are committed to reaching their potential.

Through Banta Consulting, Lois provides her expertise to dental practices, both large and small, across the country and internationally. And as a highly sought after speaker on the American Dental Association circuit, the Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting and other popular venues, Lois' seminars are a valued resource for every member of the dental team. Lois also has written monthly columns for Dental Practice Reports and has been a featured writer for the Australian Dental Journal, Dentistry Today, AGD plus other numerous journals.

Lois Banta is CEO, President and Founder of Banta Consulting, Inc., a company that specializes in all aspects of dental practice management. Lois has over 37 years of dental experience. She owns and operates The Speaking Consulting Network, and is a member of ADMC (Academy of Dental Management Consultants), AADOM (American Academy of Dental Office Managers) and AADPA (American Academy of Dental Practice Administration.


Playing the Insurance and Accounts Receivables Game�Your Way

Are your accounts receivables out of control?
Does your insurance claims report weigh more than your desk?
Learn to develop proven systems to track A/R more effectively and follow up on past due claims more efficiently without stressing yourself to the max. Design systems for collecting from patients without being perceived as the �bad guy�.

Build Your Practice With Paid For Dentistry

If you�ve ever experienced the myriad of excuses when attempting financial arrangements for your patients, you know the frustrations! Dental offices have, for years, allowed our patients to control the negotiations regarding patient financing. It�s what we have done for over 50 years. In this lecture, I will help your office design appropriate financial arrangement guidelines taking into consideration 3rd party financing, insurance re-imbursement, and those wonderful cash paying patients. All dental offices are unique and should have available to them flexible payment plans to assist your patients accept their needed dentistry. We will uncover the mysteries surrounding this complex issue as well as designing �fool proof� financial policies.

Insurance Strategies That Work

Nothing is more confusing than trying to sort through the maze of proper billing, coding and reimbursement procedures. Learn the proven techniques for writing a detailed narrative, documenting in the patient�s chart, how to use the dental coding systems to maximize reimbursement for your patients. Develop key communication techniques when dealing with insurance companies.

Total Team Concept for Effective Scheduling

Learn the 52 secrets of effective scheduling. It seems so simple, but it�s not. In reality you�ve got�last minute cancellations�procedures that take longer than expected�grumpy patients in the reception room�grumpier staff members blaming each other (or the dentist). Good scheduling guarantees happier doctors, staff, and patients. And�when everyone is happy, your bottom line will be healthier.

Practice Management From The Ground Up

Do you have written systems for practice management in your office?
Are you consistently frustrated by your numbers?
Do you know what numbers to track in your practice?
Does your dental team know and share in your goals?
These are questions that must be answered to insure a happier, more profitable practice. You will learn how to monitor your practice effectively through proven systems, streamlined scheduling, effective communications and internal marketing strategies. See the magic happen within your dental team right before your eyes!

Discovering the Magic of Effective Marketing, Communication and Dealing with Difficult Patients

It has long been known that�s it�s not necessarily what you say but, how you deliver your message that is the most effective tool. This seminar is designed to discover the magic of effective internal marketing and communication. Uncover the many cost effective ways to increase patients, motivate team members, and improve your bottom line. This informative and entertaining lecture will get the results you want!

Anatomy of a Winning Team�A Recipe for Success

This seminar is designed to identify team challenges in attitudes and work performance and offer concrete, positive solutions to re-motivating and re-energizing one and all. Together we will identify the symptoms of an unhappy practice and/or and under-appreciated team and doctor. Sometimes the solutions are right in front of you. Dealing with Difficult Patients or�How to Turn Lemons into Lemonade This seminar is designed to identify the many challenges in dealing with difficult patients. Together we will embark on a journey to identify the people and situations which create the most stressful part of a dental practice�the �difficult patient�. Simply identifying a difficult patient is easy, turning them into a great patient and raving fan is quite another story.

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