Sally McKenzie, CMC
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"Doctors Only: Drowning In Overhead"

"Today�s Top Practice Issues"

"Relazing the Practice�s True Potential"

�Lost Patients�How Dentists Lose Patients Everyday�

�Predicting Employee Success�
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Sally McKenzie Seminars are focused on "real world" practice management, packed full of proven concepts and practical systems that can be put into use right away. They are very upbeat and informative, because they address the management concerns of today. Our speakers cover the entire United States and have spoken to both large and small audiences with great reviews.

�Drowning In Overhead"

When you analyze your practice's financial performance, do you find you're not making as much as you think you should? Do you worry that you're not netting enough profit to adequately fund your retirement plan? Worse yet, do you feel your inability to control expenses has been a major impediment to even starting a retirement plan?

If you find yourself in these situations with any degree of regularity, you're probably not producing enough or not collecting enough money, and/or your expenses are too high.

This seminar will teach the doctor how to look at the five main categories of dental expenses: rent, salaries, dental supplies, laboratory and miscellaneous -� and establish techniques that can be integrated into an action plan to bring you closer to the exceptional standard of 55% overhead.

Participants will learn:

Common problems and causes of high overhead
How to understand a profit and loss report
Parameters to consider before acquiring additional space
Causes and solutions of high salary overhead
Causes of high debt hygiene
Causes and solutions of high dental supplies
Causes and solutions of high laboratory costs
18 tips to improve your bottom line

*This seminar is designed for: Dentists and Managers
Seminar length: 3 hours

�Today�s Top Practice Issues"

Learn the top "current" practice issues affecting dental practice growth. Learn the most common causes and effective building techniques as a result of practices analyzed by McKenzie Management in the past year. This presentation stays current with the current trends in dental management.

The topics covered include:

1. Fluctuating Production
2. Cash Flow -� Overhead, collections, delinquent calls.
3. Hygiene -� What causes high-�debt hygiene departments, patient retention, accountability, perio, ancillary services.
4. Unproductive Job Descriptions -� Payroll, helpers vs. producers, how many front office employees, assistants, hygiene days per week.

Participants will learn:

How to establish production goals based on overhead
Protocol for unscheduled open time
Scripting to reactivate patients
Failed appointment protocol
Causes and remedies behind collection problems
Scripting for delinquent account calls
How to determine front office staffing and accountable job descriptions
How to determine clinical assistant staffing
How to determine hygiene days needed per week
Hygiene department production parameters and measurements
What causes a high-�debt hygiene department
Telephone techniques for new patients

*This seminar is designed for: Dentists, Assistants, Hygienists and Business Staff
Seminar length: 3 hours

�Relazing the Practice�s True Potential�

Are you making the most of yourself, the most of your job and the most of your systems?

This presentation teaches you how to analyze systems and set personal goals based on over 30 years of consulting with practices nationwide. With a step-�by-�step plan from cash flow to overhead to scheduling to hygiene to treatment acceptance to leadership, this seminar will prepare you to reach your true potential.

Realizing the practice�s true potential requires: Changing, learning, expanding your vision, and measuring results.

This seminar will address the top systems to most likely harbor revenue potential:

Hygiene Department

Participants will learn:

How temperament types affect practice success
Factors responsible for management systems becoming unproductive
Signs of collections collapsing
What causes a practice to not be busy and how to correct
3 Methods of scheduling
Pre-�appointing hygiene and its effect on the schedule
How to prevent production from plateauing
How to measure patient retention

*This seminar is designed for: Dentists, Assistants, Hygienists and Business Staff
Seminar length: 3 hours

�Lost Patients�How Dentists Lose Patients Everyday�

78% of 128,000 general dentists in the U. S. are solo practitioners. Considering the length of time in practice, 15 to 30+ years, why is there only enough work to keep one dentist busy? Because you are losing more patients out the back door than are coming in the front door.

Dentists lose patients every day, and don�t know its happening. You learn how poor customer service, poor hiring techniques, lack of employee training, lack of job descriptions, lack of accountability, priority confusion and ineffective systems become the main impetus behind why patients leave.

Participants will learn:

What makes up your active patient base
Why patients do not return to the practice
The operational business functions and their impact on service to patients
What causes the recall system to break down
How to provide better customer service to patients
Communication techniques with patients focused on patient retention

*This seminar is designed for: Dentists, Hygienists, and Business Staff
Seminar length: 3 hours

�Predicting Employee Success�

Experts estimate the cost of a bad hiring decision at 20% to 200% of a year�s salary. With stakes this high, it�s important to integrate employee assessments and reduce turnover by 20% or more and cut your time to hire by 50%. Unstructured interviews have been shown to be the equivalent of throwing darts on a dartboard.

This presentation focuses on recruitment, testing, hiring, job descriptions, measuring employee performance and training.

Participants will learn:

Ads that produce results
How to read and process resumes
Interview questions by job description
How to define job descriptions and measure performance capability
How to improve the quality of hiring interviews
How to quickly identify the best candidates
What temperament types are best suited for specific jobs
How to set performance measurements for all employees
Doctor leadership responsibilities

*This seminar is designed for: Dentists and Managers
Seminar length: 3 hours__

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