Peter L. Jacobsen, PhD, DDS
Full Name Peter L. Jacobsen, PhD, DDS
Office address 2383 California St
San Francisco, CA 94115-2702
Phone (415) 921-2448
Available Topic(s) Pharmacology
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Dr. Peter Jacobsen is Director of the Oral Medicine Clinic and Oral Diagnosis and Treatment Planning at Pacific. He has a special interest in the subject of drugs used in dentistry and has published a clinical reference booklet on commonly prescribed dental drugs. Dr. Jacobsen maintains a private, general dental practice in San Francisco.

The Art of Dental Therapeutics Over-the-Counter Dental Products

Can aphthous ulcers be effectively controlled with the new over-the-counter dental products? Are the newest anti-gingivitis and anti-hypersensitivity products really clinically effective and should my patient switch to them? New systemic and topical anti-viral drugs are available. Can they be used to prophylactically prevent herpes attacks? Do they put ginkgo biloba in the new natural toothpastes so patients will remember to brush their teeth?

We all make decisions and recommendations. Patients constantly have questions. This course will update you with the latest information on a wide range of over-the-counter dental products. It will also discuss the various "active ingredients", allowing you a better understanding of oral care products which will be useful for your patient. And, of course, Dr. Jacobsen will deliver the information in his unique, irreverent and entertaining way, while still focusing on the clinical realities of daily dental practice.


You will understand the range of compounds available in single-purpose and multi-purpose toothpastes.
You will be able to decide which mechanical or electric toothbrush designs would be best for which type of patient.
You will know the three approaches to controlling aphthous ulcers, including prevention, palliative treatment, and pharmacologically reversing the lesions.
You will learn the range of products and treatments for patients with dry mouth.
You will learn about the range of "alternative" or "natural" oral health care products available to treat oral disease.
You will learn about OTC pain medication and its ability to be used prophylactically to prevent pain before it starts.
You will learn new stuff, have fun, even laugh out loud (or at least chuckle) and feel the course was entertaining and the time was well spent.


What is the best of the new antifungals for yeast infections? Can antiviral drugs be used prophylactically for herpes infections? What is the current recommended regime for sinus infections? Is penicillin still the best drug for oral infections? A dentist makes an average of 5-10 drug prescribing decisions a week. This course will be a concise, informative, and entertaining update on the drugs of choice and related techniques for the treatment of infections, and the control of pain and anxiety necessary in modern dentistry. The course focuses on clinically relevant information that is immediately useable in the dental practice.

�You will be able to choose the most current, effective topical and systemic antiviral drugs for patients with herpes virus infections.
�You will be able to decide on the first, second, and third drugs of choice for oral infections.
�You will be aware of the newest drugs for fungal infections, aphthous ulcers, sinusitis, and other oral cavity/head and neck problems.
�You will learn the most current (2007) guidelines for heart and total joint prophylaxis.
�You will learn when pharmacologic instructions and/or treatments are appropriate for periodontal disease, endodontic procedures, procedures likely to cause pain and other dental problems or procedures.
�You will learn the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of pain medication and the best trial of medication to prevent pain before it starts.
�You will have fun, learn some stuff, and think at the end that the course was entertaining and worth the time spent. At least that is an objective Dr. Jacobsen says he has for you and the course.

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THE ART OF DENTAL THERAPEUTICS: Modern Dental Pharmacology
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