New for 2020! New Dentist Week is a virtual event customized for new dentists and students to engage electronically with AGD. AGD’s New Dentist Week is a tailored and specific education program relevant to the needs of students and new dentists in general dentistry. Each night of the week of August 17th – August 21st, 2020 there will be a unique program available that includes unique speakers and educational topics. 

Friday evening will be the final event to conclude the week. Grab your favorite beverage and join your peers and AGD President, Dr. Connie L. White, DDS, FAGD, AGD, for a virtual happy hour and awards ceremony! The first 100 registrants will also be invited to participate in a mentorship program. Students and new dentists will have an opportunity to network with AGD leaders and other general dentists.

Friday August 21st Agenda:

  • Virtual Happy/Welcome & Opening Remarks by Dr. Sonya Kapoor, DDS, New Dentist Committee, Chair 
  • Remarks by Dr. Connie L. White, DDS, FAGD, AGD president
  • Awards Ceremony for E-Posters, AGD Chapter of the Year & Faculty Advisor of the Year awards, hosted by Dr. Sonya Kapoor, DDS, New Dentist Committee, Chair 
  • Mentorship Program (First 100 registrants)


Monday August 17th - Friday August 21st




TimeSpeakerCourse TitleSubject CodeCE Hours
8pm Eastern / 5pm PacificMai-Ly Duong, DMD, MPH, MAEdNew Dentists and Malpractice: Managing Liability Risks Related to Extractions550 - Practice Management and Human Relations1.5

Course Description: Of the dental procedures most frequently associated with professional liability claims in the Dentist’s Advantage program, extractions — both surgical and simple — represent two of the top five most frequent and most severe payout claims seen against dentists. This session will focus on risk control recommendations for extractions, including recognizing risk factors, communication with the patient and documentation. This presentation will also cover key malpractice terminology and coverage options for dentists to consider when deciding to purchase a malpractice policy.



TimeSpeakerCourse TitleSubject CodeCE Hours
8pm Eastern / 5pm PacificLinda D'Amico, RDH, BSThe Science of Whitening  149 - Multi-Disciplinary topics1.5

Course Description: Learn the differences between whitening and bleaching products and discuss the action mechanism of hydrogen peroxide. Participants will explore strategies for engaging patient whitening discussions and the management of patient clinical outcome expectations. This course will also review implementation of a predictable, efficient and state-of-the-art whitening system empowered with advanced ionic technology that will transform the whitening experience for both the dental practitioner and patient.


TimeSpeakerCourse TitleSubject CodeCE Hours
8pm Eastern / 5pm PacificJoshua A. Austin, DDS, MAGDReputation Matters- Grow Your Practice For Free!550 - Practice Management1.5

Course Description: The rise of online review sites has enabled the individual consumer to share their experiences with the world. What story are they telling about you? This course will discuss the psychology of internet reviews and how they can be used to build your practice for little to no overhead.



TimeSpeakerCourse TitleSubject CodeCE Hours
8pm Eastern / 5pm PacificBrad Newman 32 Game-Changing Marketing Tips for NEW #DentalPatients550 - Practice Management1.5

Course Description: This interactive presentation will provide recommendations to Dental Practices on the most effective ways to market themselves online.  We will explore platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more.  Leveraging the power of Video Content, Email Newsletters and Live Broadcasts will also be covered.  Coupled with a solid strategy and tenacious execution, these ideas will be a game-changer for participants.

Creating a more dynamic and unique online presence, while improving page rank and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) will be discussed in detail.  We’ll cover strategies related to header images, call-to-action buttons, customized copy, website speed, and much more.  By improving one’s CRO, revenues can grow at exceedingly high rates with just the current amount of website traffic.  

We’ll cover the power of online video! YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, video is considered the heaviest form of multi-media content and Google owns YouTube. These are all reasons to start producing video content for your Dental Office marketing campaigns.  We’ll explore the importance of lighting, sound, framing, and editing. You’ll learn which questions to ask patients and other content strategies that are most effective for video content. Your patients should be the ambassadors for your practice.

In today’s world, simply posting on social channels is no longer enough. Dental offices need to find innovative ways to reach new patients and increase awareness. Leading offices are realizing the value in empowering team members to create and share authentic office stories across social networks. These can be from dental assistants, hygienists, front desk personnel, and others. By doing this, offices can increase social activity and engagement, improve share of voice, and drive more web traffic. We will explore how to get your Dental team involved with your online conversation, while generating fun and powerful content.







care credit





Registration for this entire event is free for students and new dentists (5 years or less from date of graduation) that are AGD members.


AGD has updated its privacy settings. You may be asked to reset your password. Visit the login page for more information. 


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