Help Your Classmates Connect with AGD

Vibrant organizations grow because members like you invite their colleagues to join. We appreciate everything you do to grow the organization, and we want to help you — and reward you — in that effort.

The Refer-a-Classmate Program, AGD’s annual student member-get-a-member campaign, allows you to share your head-start toward professional success with your nonmember classmates by inviting them to join AGD. Your classmates will benefit from all that AGD dental student membership has to offer, you earn exclusive recruiter recognition and gift card rewards, and the AGD grows by one more member — and as AGD grows, your member benefits expand, and our collective voice becomes stronger. 

Contribute to the AGD’s growth today by participating in the 2022 Refer-a-Classmate Program.

Recruiter Resources
Short on time? Submit your nonmember classmates’ names and contact information to us via the Online Referral Form. We will contact them with membership information on your behalf. When they join AGD, we’ll award you recruiter credit.

Need some inspiration to get you started? Read our Refer-a-Classmate Recruitment Tips

Recognition and Rewards 
All AGD dental student members in good standing are invited to participate in the 2022 Refer-a-Classmate Program, which runs Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2022. All AGD student members who recruit at least 10 qualifying new dental student members to join AGD between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31 will earn recruiter recognition, as well as American Express gift cards for each recruiter level reached — up to $850!

Bronze recruiter level: Receive $100 upon recruiting 10 new members.
Silver recruiter level: Receive an additional $250 upon recruiting your 20th new member.
Gold recruiter level: Receive an additional $500 upon recruiting your 30th new member.

The more new members you recruit between now and Dec. 31, the more gift cards you’ll earn. Start recruiting today! 

Recruiter Leaderboard
Track your progress toward recruiter recognition and gift card rewards via the Recruiter Leaderboard, which is updated monthly to reflect the total number of qualifying new dental student members eligible participants have recruited to AGD since Jan. 1, 2022.

Rules and Eligibility
To qualify for recruiter recognition and gift card rewards, each new member you recruit must join AGD as a dental student member. To receive credit for recruiting a new member, your recruit must indicate your name, city, state, province or federal service branch when he or she joins. Dental students whose membership dues are paid for by their state’s constituent are disqualified from this program.