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Self-Instruction Exercises

Subject Code 010 - Basic Sciences

Mouthwashes: an in vitro study of their action on microbial biofilms and cytotoxicity to gingival fibroblasts
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #417]

Evaluation of the marginal integrity of a bioactive restorative material
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #421]

Utilization of cone beam computed tomography to determine the prevalence and anatomical characteristics of bifurcated inferior alveolar nerves
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #424]

Bond strength of resin cement to ceramic with simplified primers and pretreatment solutions
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #427]

Subject Code 070 - Endodontics

Bioactive endodontic materials for everyday use: a review
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #422]


Subject Code 149 - Multi-Disciplinary Topics

The effects of oral health on systemic health
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #411]

Subject Code 150 - Health and Nutrition

Nutrition for oral health and oral manifestations of poor nutrition and unhealthy habits
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #412]


Subject Code 200 - Orofacial Pain

Development of mirror pain following trigeminal nerve injury: a case report and review of neuropathic mechanisms
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #415]

Subject Code 310 - Operative (Restorative) Dentistry

A modified frenectomy technique: a new surgical approach
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #416]


Subject Code 370 - Orthodontics

What every dentist and patient should know about accelerated orthodontic tooth movement
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #423]

Subject Code 610 - Fixed Prosthodontics

Fracture resistance of bonded CAD/CAM restorations with standard or extended preparations
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #425]


Subject Code 690 - Implants

Response of soft tissue to different abutment materials with different surface topographies: a review of the literature
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #414]

Formation of biofilm on various implant abutment materials
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #428]

Subject Code 730 - Oral Medicine, Oral Diagnosis, Oral Pathology

Medication use and medical history of 155 patients with oral lichenoid lesions: a retrospective study
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #418]

Use of trichloroacetic acid for management of oral lesions caused by human papillomavirus
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #419]


Subject Code 750 - Special Patient Care

Dental management of patients with inherited bleeding disorders: a multidisciplinary approach
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #413]

The role of dental care providers in the management of patients prescribed bisphosphonates: brief clinical guidance
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #420]

Oral adverse events associated with targeted cancer therapies
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #426]