Starting December 1, 2018, the Self-Instruction program will be exclusively available online. We will still publish Self-Instruction (S-I) exercises at the end of every corresponding General Dentistry article, but now you can pay online, test online, and receive your continuing education (CE) verification online. Earning CE has never been easier. 

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Participants must answer at least 12 of 15 questions correctly (80%) to earn CE credit.

Self-Instruction Exercises

Subject Code 010 - Basic Sciences

Mouthwashes: an in vitro study of their action on microbial biofilms and cytotoxicity to gingival fibroblasts
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #417]

Evaluation of the marginal integrity of a bioactive restorative material
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #421]

Utilization of cone beam computed tomography to determine the prevalence and anatomical characteristics of bifurcated inferior alveolar nerves
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #424]

Bond strength of resin cement to ceramic with simplified primers and pretreatment solutions
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #427]

What every dentist should know about antibiotic-resistant bacteria
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #432]

Antimicrobial activity of noncytotoxic concentrations of Salvia officinalis extract against bacterial and fungal species from the oral cavity
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #434]

Subject Code 070 - Endodontics

Bioactive endodontic materials for everyday use: a review
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #422]


Subject Code 180 - Occlusion

Masticatory evaluation of anterior open bite malocclusion using the colorimetric capsule method
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #431]

Subject Code 310 - Operative (Restorative) Dentistry

Impacted maxillary third molar displaced to the infratemporal space: a critical review and case report
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #433]


Subject Code 370 - Orthodontics

What every dentist and patient should know about accelerated orthodontic tooth movement
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #423]

Subject Code 430 - Pediatric Dentistry

Caries risk assessment
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #429]

Pharmacologic management for pediatric dental patients in the 21st century
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #430]


Subject Code 610 - Fixed Prosthodontics

Fracture resistance of bonded CAD/CAM restorations with standard or extended preparations
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #425]

Subject Code 690 - Implants

Formation of biofilm on various implant abutment materials
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #428]


Subject Code 730 - Oral Medicine, Oral Diagnosis, Oral Pathology

Medication use and medical history of 155 patients with oral lichenoid lesions: a retrospective study
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #418]

Use of trichloroacetic acid for management of oral lesions caused by human papillomavirus
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #419]

Subject Code 750 - Special Patient Care

The role of dental care providers in the management of patients prescribed bisphosphonates: brief clinical guidance
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #420]

Oral adverse events associated with targeted cancer therapies
[read article] [take test]
[exercise #426]