AGD division coordinators (DCs) are appointed by the president-elect in consultation with the Executive Committee and ratified by the Board to facilitate the cooperation of councils and committees within each of the four AGD council and committee divisions. The divisions are: Advocacy-Representation Division, Continuing Education Division, Membership Services Division and Public & Professional Relations Division. 

The division coordinator is responsible for:

  • Keeping the Board, Regional Directors, and AGD leadership informed of their division’s progress.
  • Serving as facilitators to their respective councils to monitor their workload and progress by maintaining constant communication with council chairs to remain up- to-date on the progress and concerns of their respective councils.
  • Working with their respective council chairs in order to ensure adequate staffing and council and committee member support, to ensure completion of assigned council tasks.
  • Working with their respective council chairs in suggesting and implementing task forces to ensure completion of short term programs within their division’s responsibilities.
  • Attending council meetings within their division and, where deemed necessary, outside their division. Attending Board meetings as designated by the Executive Committee.
  • Maintaining constant dialogue with their fellow DCs in order to have a working knowledge of programs, workload, and progress and to prevent duplication and overlap of initiatives.
  • Maintaining a division newsletter (email) to keep all officers, staff, and chairs current with all council progress and concerns.
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