Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I have been approached by a number of our esteemed Members to consider running for AGD Vice President. As a humble family man, I prefer to let my accomplishments speak for themselves. I hope you will take the time to get to know my past, why I’m here today, and how much serving the AGD has meant to me throughout my career.


I believe in quality experiences over quantity. As many of you know, I have tirelessly served the AGD as both a local President, Regional Director, and a Trustee. I have been on various committees, such as the Examination Committee, and served as the Examination Council Chair. As Trustee, I served as a board liaison under my friend and mentor, the late Dr. Rick Knowlton. In 2018, I received the Presidential Award for leadership and commitment to the Academy. As your next Vice President, I vow to continue working tirelessly to better our organization and our community. I have spent the last 25 years fighting for the soul of the Academy, and I am ready to spend the rest of my career doing the same - advocating for our organization’s current and future members.


Over the years and positions held, I have acquired the knowledge necessary to make a strong, effective leader. I am dedicated to the dental craft and will work tirelessly toward the future of the AGD. I am steadfastly devoted to the cause and will work day and night to ensure the issues our organization currently faces are all addressed, no matter how big or difficult. I promise to uphold the integrity of this organization. To me, commitment is a willingness to undertake all challenges and follow them through to completion. I believe dedication is synonymous with leadership, and my dedication, to the dentistry and to AGD, has always been unquestionable.


Passion can be many things. Passion can be fishing, or golfing, or whatever brings a smile to someone’s face. To me, that passion is dentistry. I arrive in my office every morning knowing that what I do makes a difference. I decided to pursue dentistry because of the unique way it blends skills in art, science, and engineering, and it has been nothing short of a very rewarding career path. There are tangible rewards, such as the opportunity to own and run a business. There are also intangible rewards, such as improving patients' oral health, relieving them of pain and changing their lives for the better, providing immeasurable job satisfaction and personal fulfilment in helping others. Over the years, my passion for dentistry has only grown stronger and to me, the Academy embodies the essence of our craft. 

Please consider my bid to become your next Vice President as a desire to improve the AGD and the field of dentistry as a whole. I have learned, with both humility and appreciation, from others’ knowledge and experience, and have worked tirelessly to pass on that knowledge as a mentor to my own students. I am ready for this challenge, and I look forward to the opportunity to make a difference in our professional community. 

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me at (414) 425-7050 or email me at

Thank you for all your support, camaraderie, and consideration.


John A. Olsen
Region #9 Trustee

John Olsen