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Subject Code 013 - Microbiology

Current applications of nanotechnology in dentistry: a review
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[exercise #354]

Investigation of antibacterial efficacy of Acacia nilotica against salivary mutans streptococci: a randomized control trial
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[exercise #361]

Subject Code 016 - Dental Materials

Perspective of cardiologists on the continuation or discontinuation of antiplatelet therapy before dental treatment: a questionnaire-based study
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[exercise #359]


Subject Code 017 - Dental Materials

Surface characteristics of resin composite materials after finishing and polishing
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[exercise #364]

Nanoleakage of fiber posts luted with different adhesive strategies and the effect of chlorhexidine on the interface of dentin and self-adhesive cements
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[exercise #367]

Physical properties of a new sonically placed composite resin restorative material
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[exercise #368]

Subject Code 070 - Endodontics

Comparison of the effectiveness of 3 irrigation devices for the cleaning of root canal walls instrumented with oscillatory and rotary techniques
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[exercise #366]


Subject Code 132 - Anesthesia and Pain Control

Mepivacaine: a closer look at its properties and current utility
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[exercise #360]

Local anesthetic calculations: avoiding trouble with pediatric patient
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[exercise #362]

Subject Code 150 - Nutrition

What every dentist should know about tea
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[exercise #357]


Subject Code 165 - Digital Radiology

Digital intraoral radiographic quality assurance and control in private practice
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[exercise #355]

Subject Code 185 - Appliance Therapy

The effect of specially designed and managed occlusal devices on patient symptoms and pain: a cohort study
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[exercise #365]


Subject Code 257 - Caries Detection and Prevention

Survey of fluoride levels in vended water stations
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[exercise #356]

Subject Code 259 - Fissurotomy (Micro) Dentistry

Approaches to managing asymptomatic enamel and dentin cracks
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[exercise #358]


Subject Code 550 - Practice Management & Human Relations

Hearing loss associated with long-term exposure to high-speed dental handpieces
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[exercise #369]

Subject Code 610 - Prosthodontics/Fixed

Subpontic osseous hyperplasia: a case
series and literature review

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[exercise #352]


Subject Code 674 - Fixed Removable Hybrid Prosthesis

Revisiting implant-retained mandibular overdentures: planning according to treatment needs
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[exercise #353]

Stress analysis of mandibular implant-retained overdenture with independent attachment system: effect of restoration space and attachment height
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[exercise #363]